Saturday, October 4, 2014

Physical therapy

I preach that I won't ever live a life of regrets. we all look back on something and think... I shoulda, woulda coulda!!

For me it is the regret that I didn't finish college. You see, I went to community college and took out loans and then 2 years into it I quit because I had no idea what I was going for. 

Fast forward. married, adopted my two beautiful children and dabbled in a couple of jobs/careers that I truly hated.
In the meantime I have always had a front row seat in helping my husband when it was time for a surgery/injury. With a total of about 30 of them in 17 years, I feel I've gotten pretty good at the process.

Next We adopted our kids. When we brought home Wyatt in February 2013 we faced some physical delays. Mostly muscle failure, poor coordination and lack of strength. thankfully with physical therapy and the opportunity to quit my job I was able to focus on catching him up. 

This past year our family made the choice to relocate to South Florida. Mainly for health reasons but in getting here I finally decided it was time. I inquired about utilizing johns GI bill and visited a local college. In registering for class, I came home feeling like a kid again. 

Tonight as my son rode his bike up a small hill...

It hit me. All Along The Lord had been preparing me for this! I received such great joy seeing this kid achieve milestones. Climbing stairs, stop tripping over things, running,climbing and now making up this hill.

In the pit of my stomach my heart is shining knowing that with my new adventure in school and becoming a physical therapist is my calling. Who can regret waiting until almost 40 to know this for certain!! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014


It's something out of a tv show but we did it! The next chapter of our lives started this week in Juno beach Florida! Not far from where john and I got married and began our life together almost 17 years ago to the day.

This last week we packed our Rv ( the beach bus) from floor to ceiling with our favorite belongings. If it measured over 24 inches it wouldn't make it thru the front door and we either sold it or left it behind.

We departed our 1200 mile adventure south on Sunday morning June 15th:)
Happy Father's Day Jb. How does retirement in south Florida sound?

So packed Rv, a Rottweiler and two Chinese kids we go. About an hour from our home in Ohio we stopped for lunch. Yup! That's right we got a flat tire at the rest stop in piqua:( new tires on the car and truck were taken care of but we didn't think of our camper! 3 hour delay at Walmart getting new tires and we were back at the 2nd leg of our adventure. First night we only made it to Kentucky and we were greeted with one crappy hotel. Can you say torture? Tired and aggravated from following a camper all day at 55 mph when you know you could have been going 70-80. Ugh!!

Day 2 we noticed our dog Abby had an abscess and a fever and needed medical attention. A week prior to our trip we had her groomed and we believe she got a small cut from it causing an infection.  So another stressful delay to a veterinarians office for some antibiotics. Note that we were a hot mess and the vet was a tall attractive cowboy with boots and a buckle. That office had to think we were the Griswalds on our summer vacation. Did I mention that Lucy accidentally hit Wyatt in the head causing a big bad ugly bloody nose? Yup blood everywhere. Jb dismissing it as no big deal we completed day 2 with a messy shirt and dry blood in the back seat! 

Day 3 was a success. We only had a few close crap in a pants attacks a few emotional breakdowns during the 12 hour driving day. The only excitement we had was making a bad last minute decision to take an exit in the hood for another emergency potty break. you know your in a bad neighborhood in Jacksonville when there is a swat team of police in the gas station parking lot with helmets and body armour. While jb was haggled for money we nearly ran over a homeless lady by 2 inches. Phew, close call!  all in all we arrived in paradise Tuesday night 8pm. Wahoo!!!

Wednesday morning we unloaded our belongings into a storage shed and checked into a 4 star camp ground on the beach. Life is good! 

Stay tuned for more Brown family fun:)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wyatt's 5th birthday

I often scoop up my son and hold him like a baby. I know deep down he hates it because he desperately wants to be a big boy, a super hero!

I do it anyways and follow with the words of " but please let me hold you, one more time, since I didn't get to when you were a baby". He giggles.

Wyatt's story is the true meaning of his name. Little warrior! He fought hard to survive in the first year or more of his life. I estimate this photo of him to be approximately 5 months old.  

Yes, I know it's hard to look at. So sick and frail. This precious child sat in a hospital for a year and a half until they corrected a hernia that was leaning on his lungs. Thankfully his parents whom I guess had left him to get the medical attention he desperately needed to live, didn't wait much longer. The surgery was a success. 

In the months and years that past I assume he still fought to catch up and recover. If it weren't for the few caring nannies that I am so thankful for he would not be where he is today. 

I know there were days and nights, weeks and months that God whispered in my heart to adopt again. Lots of doubts, fears, anxiety, financial worries and what if's!!! It is with no regret that i chose to follow Gods plan for me.

Today ( estimated, we are not sure of his exact date of birth) we celebrate the life his birth parents chose for this animated little man. He is everything I could ask for in a son. So bright, funny and ornery:) 
All boy! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter blues!

In late fall when we received our first snow storm it was really exciting and fun to see the fresh fluffiness of winter roll in. Kids and I got excited, ran outside to catch some in our mouths and make snow angels.

As the holidays past we received a whammy of a storm. After three days of being in the house together quality time became a bit crazy. I noticed the lack of vitamin D has gotten my energy level at an all time low. I truly miss being outside walking and biking our country block. Zero degree weather isn't enjoyable in fact our county is on a shortage of propane and residents are encouraged to reserve usage. Scary! During the storm I prayed frequently that our power wouldn't go out. 
As our weeks are numbered in north west Ohio and we prepare to move to south Florida I am doing my best to stay positive about the situation. Volunteering to make meals for shut ins, having lunch with friends, running the kids to swim lessons and gymnastics. I know there might be a day when I desire to see snow again, so as I sit and watch another storm roll in and the 2-4 inches of expected snow falls. I am digging deep to appreciate our last days of winter. I chose to work out daily, eat healthy and thank The Lord for our family being healthy and happy. We may be confined to our home but silliness and plenty of laughter are present. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The first christmas!

Tonight I read the Christmas story to the kids before bed. Wow, of all the places Jesus was born but in a manger. I can't help but think of all the places to bring the savior into the world and in the manger it is...

Then there is Wyatt, his first Christmas and wow of all the families in the world he chose ours for this special little boy! We have been having a blast baking, singing and reading all the stories. He never let's us down without a good laugh. Tonight's was that Rudolph has a very Chinese nose! 

Another first is the loss of Lucy's first tooth! It's been wiggling for weeks but all of the days today it came out. So tonight not only will Santa be visiting but so will the tooth fairy! To only be a fly on the wall when they meet:)

May your Christmas be merry and bright and may you and your family enjoy and share the true meaning of Christmas! With love, 
John, Georgene, Lucy and Wyatt Brown

Friday, November 29, 2013

First christmas

As wyatt stood and stared at the tree tonight it occurred to me that this will be his first Christmas.
Just about 10-11 months ago he was just an orphan boy. Today he has it all, including his first Christmas tree. 
I can't hardly wait until he comes down those stairs on Christmas morning to lots of presents! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Tomorrow is Wyatt's first Thanksgiving. There are an endless list of things we are thankful for. The first on the list is our family! The second is that The Lord truly provides in amazing ways. The reason for my post is that although this week is a great time to put the breaks on and think about all our blessings. Although really it is also a time to give. I have been so blessed this last week especially giving back. Of course financially probably tops the list for most, but for me it is my knitting. My heart is so full knowing that I can make a difference making headbands for people to sell or simply giving a friend a gift.  one case I donated them to a family raising $ for their teenage daughter with cancer and the other two families I know in the adoption process. In my life I have discovered that the more you give the more blessings flow. 

Maybe your asking, what talent can I give? Well, your time:)
Tonight despite the major mess my kids and I made cookies.
It surly will be a memory I won't forget! Our black dog ended up with a white head, my kitchen took forever to clean but the giggles are worth it all! 

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!
Love the Brown family:)